New Website + Future Plans

So this is the new website, just basic with no customization yet and added content. In about five weeks (March 23rd-ish) I will upgrade to premium so that we secure a domain name (so that it won’t be, but rather just .com or whatever domain we chose). WordPress allows you to choose from .com, .co, .me, .net, and .org. I’m thinking .org since it will most adequately describe the purpose of the website which is to act as a platform for an online gaming community, and I don’t intend any monetization of the site.

I’ll work on getting the content off our old website (which is no longer available due to terrible support, luckily I can still access the content) and on to this website. I’ll set up forums and a History page that sums up our group until now, so it will be Home – Forums – Media – History, Media containing all the screenshots/etc from the old website. I’ll also probably repost some old threads on the new forums, such as Kistri’s tutorial on how to set up a ventrilo compressor.

Future goals:

  • March 23rd-28th I will upgrade to premium to secure domain name.
  • Also during this time I will look into custom HTML editing to make a more sexy look website.
    • I’ll be going for a more Star Citizen-esque theme to gear us up for its eventual release.
  • Until then, lets brainstorm names for our community.

Guidelines for name brainstorming:

  1. The name will be for our overall community. We will forever be The Fighting 27th in PlanetSide 1 and 2. That won’t change.
  2. Be creative. Try to come up with cool names that people will want to look more into when we become uber bad asses in Star Citizen (which we will) and any other games that we happen to get into.
  3. Come up with multiple names, at least five good ones or something. Its better to have a lot to have to choose from than just a few that may or may not be the best that we can come up with.

Hopefully we can decide on a name by the end of March. If not its not really an urgent matter because Star Citizen’s release isn’t going to happen for a long time and I doubt any other games are going to appear that captivate us to the point of dedicating ourselves to them full-time.

Anywho, that’s all for now. Keep a notepad document of names you think of! Please!

– Chief